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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 14, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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dough serve third. >> paul, upcoming gigs? did somebody hire you to do something? >> yes, i will be at the broke ridge comma de club september 23rd and september 24th, belmore, long island. it is just outside the city. we will take a car service together. >> that will be a great idea that none of us will follow through with. >> i fully believe none of these places exist. >> i have a following. people like me. >> i got nothing more to sai. thank god. the president's new jobs package an all or nothing deal? republican presidential candidates focus their attacks on one of their own. and why did, despite warnings, the white house support a solar energy company that was already in trouble? live from our studio in
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washington, this is special report. good evening, i'm bret baier, there are conflicting signals coming from the white house tonight about just how strongly president obama will insist that his new stimulus plan be passed by congress in its entirety. the president was back on the road today to push his plan. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports, the president made his pitch on someone else's turf. >> the second stop on the home states of republican leaders tour. this time, john boehner's ohio, with president obama again saying the jobs debate is not about politics. even as he charges unnamed republicans are just focused on denying him a viory. >> give me a win? this isn't about giving me a win. this isn't about giving democrats or republicans a win, it's about giving the american people a win. about giving ohio a win. >>, but the white house seems to be sending a mixed message how to define victory. in a round table with hispanic
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journalists monday, the president signaled if republicans break up his plan he's willing to sign into law individual pieces like the payroll tax cut extension, but today, his own top campaign advisor insisted otherwise. >> we're not in the negotiation to break up the package and it's not an a la carte menu, it's a strategy to get this country moving. >> house majority leader eric cantor whose home of virginia was the first stop on the president's jobs tour pounced. >> his message of it's all or nothing, take it or leave it, pass my plan. now, that's just not the way, i think, anything works. now, we've also seen stimulus spending before. why would we want to go do something like that again? >> the president's advisors are calculating republicans are too nervous to face voters without passing anything. with one top administration official going so far as to privately declare, if the election were held today, nancy pelosi would be elected speaker because the approval rating for hill republicans is so low.
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>> there are construction projects like these all across the country just waiting to get started and there are millions of unemployed construction workers who are looking for a job. so, my question to congress is, what on earth are we waiting in? >> the president's poll numbers are in rough shape, too. a democrat pollster found in ohio only 44% approve of his job performance while 52% disapprove. >> all he's doing is just proposing a hodgepodge of retread ideas aimed at convincing people that a temporary fix is really permanent and that it will create permanent jobs and then daring republicans to vote against it. >> now, top officials are explaining, david axlerod's comment explaining that of course the president still wants the entire bill, but if republicans break it up he's not going to veto a smaller measure that might actually create some jobs. he would sign it and then hit the road in order to push for the rest of the money. >> bret: ed henry on the north lawn. thank you. the republicans must first get
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past each other so the intramural fighting is more and more intense. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports that was evident during the debate in florida, especially to the front runner. >> with a double digit lead in the polls, texas governor rick perry got hit from all sides over social security, texas taxes and spending, mandating a controversial vaccine in his state and on immigration, perry opposes a border fence. >> the idea that you're going to build a wall from brownsville to el paso and go left for another 800 miles to tijuana is just not reality. >> of course we built a fence and of course we did not give in-state tuition credits to people who come here illegally. >> perry got booed as he defended the texas law that provides texas benefits for illegal aliens. if you're working and pursuing citizenship in the state, you pay tuition, it doesn't matter the sound of your last name is that's the american way.
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>> the american way is not to give taxpayers subsidized benefits to people who have broken our laws, that are here in the united states illegally. >> hoping to stop a month long, in the polls, michele bachmann ripped perry for ultimately turning over to texas lawmakers, requiring texas girls be innoculated against a sexually transmitted disease associated with cervical cancer. >> for 12-year-old little girls forced to have a injection through a government order is wrong. >> you may criticize how i went about it, but at the end of the day i'm going to err on the side of life. >> the drug company gave thousands in donations to the governor. this is flat-out wrong. kwt he was it about life or million dollars or potentially billion dollars for a drug company. >> the company was merck and it was a $5,000 contribution
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that i had received from them. i raise about 30 million dollars, and if you're saying that i can be bought for 5,000, i'm offended. >> i'm offended for all the little girls and the parents that didn't have a choice. that's what i'm offended from. >> bachmann, rick santorum tried to undercut perry on immigration, forced vaccinatio vaccinations, it may help michele bachmann revive her lagging campaign and boost rick santorum and ultimately it will help mitt romney running second to perry in the polls. >> bret: carl cameron, our next debate next week in orlando. thanks, carl. worries about lee, added $2 to barrels of oil. futures closed at 90.21 and
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the dow, up 44. and nasdaq 37. more than a million and a half in loan guarantees for a solar company that later filed for bankruptcy. molly henneberg says the white house has explaining to do. >> part of what republican house lawmakers want to find out at the hearing tomorrow, why president obama and his administration continued to promote and refinance 535 million dollars in stimulus loan guarantees to solyndra. even after warning scenes emerged. >> many of us think he was trying to get the money quickly out the door, perhaps for political reasons and in the end taxpayers lost over half a billion dollars. >> in a sec filing in march 2010, a year after solyndra got the loan guarantees, before the refinancing, independent auditor price waterhouse cooper said several negative financial factors, quote, raised substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern. still, two months later,
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president obama went to solyndra solar panel plant and touted green energy and the stimulus. >> we can see the positive impacts right here at solyndra. >> reporter: but this summer after ceo brian harrison told members of congress that solyndra's financial condition was improving, department of energy or doe officials let lawmakers know the company was facing decreased revenues. >> obviously there was a form of due policety. the board was monitoring what happened. >> it was the bush administration that first considered loaning money to solyndra and one says that obama officials are likely to stress that point tomorrow. >> this just didn't start with the stimulus, but this was the first loan guarantee of the obama administration. so, that's going to be the problem. >> solyndra's ceo was supposed to testify tomorrow at the hearing. but congressman stern says the company wants another week to prepare. in washington, molly
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henneberg, fox news. >> bret: taliban insurgent coordinated attack on buildings in kabul today. and dominique di-natale is in the capital and shows us how it went down. >> reporter: it started with sudden gunfire in different locations across the city. people ran for their lives and unable to tell which direction the bullets came from. witnesses focused on multiple attacks. >> when i heard gunfire i walked away and saw gunfire in the corolla car and they were in uniform near the u.s. embassy. >> repeated explosions echoed across the capital, more than ten in all and suicide bombers made a beeline for the u.s. embassy and n.a.t.o. headquarters, and the compounds were hit by a body of mortars and rocket propelled grenades. four afghans, including a small girl, were injured as they waited for visas in the
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embassy and in washington, foreclosures say no american staff were hurt by this quote, cowardly attack. we will take all necessary steps, in the only to ensure the safety of our people, but to secure the area and to ensure that those who perpetrated this attack are dealt with. >> reporter: n.a.t.o. helicopters provided air support while embassy security reportedly opened fire on the militants. afghan forces sought out the remaining gunman who holed themselves up in a building across the road and n.a.t.o. said it was a small group of fighters involved at the embassy and more militants targeted the afghan security operations. and the taliban claims immediate responsibility, leaving n.a.t.o., nor the afghans, how many of their soldiers were involved. bret, one lone gunman remains in that building across the road from the u.s. embassy. he stopped throwing grenades,
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they believe he's run out of them and now resorted to a pistol and ak. and he is well armed with ammunition, it's now 2:30 in the morning here and they believe the battle will go on through the night. the total casual toll, however, six people killed, civilians and police, and 16 injured. bret, back to you. >> bret: dominic di-natale in kabul. thank you. in iranian court set a half million dollar bail for each of the two american hikers convicted of spying. and the third american shara shourd was released in a similar way. and first, one in six americans is living in
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e. >> a federal judge in
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pennsylvania declared the insurance mandate in president obama's health care law is unconstitutional. that makes two courts that have reached that decision. and one has upheld the mandate and another threw out challenges to the law without ruling on constitutional issues. the case is expected to eventually end up in the u.s. supreme court. voters in nevada and new york are going to the polls in a pair of special elections brought on by sex scandals. republican bob turner is hoping for an upset over democrat david weprin in the vote to replace new york congressman anthony weiner. and republican amaday, and the seat that opened up. and the number of americans living in poverty is at a record level. that's the take away from a new census bureau report and chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at the numbers and what they mean. >> this is not a good report. i can't find any good news in the whole report. >> so, let's start with the worst news.
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46.2 million americans, according to the u.s. census bureau now live below the poverty line. described roughly as $22,000 for a family of four. it's the highest number of improverished americans recorded in the 52 years the data has been published and the population it represents marks the highest it's seen since 1983. for children under 18, poverty rate rose to 22%. for hispanics saw an increase over a percentage point to 26.6%. and african-americans saw a rise of just under 2 points. to 27.4%. >> for african-americans and latinos and people from communities of color, the recession has been tough. it's forced more people into safety net programs, to simply keep their head above water and to survive. >> but when president obama
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signed the stimulus into law two and a half years ago he created expectations that his policies would improve poverty levels. >> it's a plan that rewards responsibility, lifting 2 million americans from poverty. >> that hasn't happened and today's data will likely intensify the debate over the policies in 2012. >> it's not completely obama's economy because the recession that we've been struggling with as a nation began and really festered before he took office. >> almost everybody agrees that at some point the economy is obamas at some point, it doesn't work anymore to say it's the fault of the bush administration. >> the census bureau reported that 6 million americans, the so-called boomerang generation are living with their parents up 25% in 200 and half of the boomerangs, will join the poverty ranks if they didn't have their parents' home to fall back on. james rosen, fox news. >> bret: california democratic senator diane feinstein says she was wiped out by a long
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time democratic campaign accountant now charged with fraud. that's according to politico. and feinstein's campaign has not determined how much money was taken by kinde dirky. and dirky's lawyers are not commenting. the owner of an arizona gun store says he feels betrayed by u.s. agents that used them to sell guns. and concerns over the programs known as operation fast and furious, they say that agents failed to track weapons, they had asked the dealers to sell illegally. we will talk about operation fast and furious, where the investigation stands, and other topics, with house oversight and government reform chairman
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>> house oversight and government reform committee chairman darrell issa has a full plate these days, trying to get a hand how to save the u.s. postal service looking for operation fast and furious and investigating the effect of regulations on businesses. he joins us now. welcome, mr. chairman. >> well, thanks for having me on and thanks for doing it in that order. because postal is hard to sell, but it's important, it's an institution we've reloud on since our founding and fast and furious is obviously critical because men are dying on-- and women on both sides of the border as a result of this program and regulations are killing our chance for a return to a vibrant economy. >> bret: let's start there. critics of the republican push on this issue say it's overblown, this focus on regulations, that businesses don't feel it and that it's really a lack of demand and not overregulation that is
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affecting these businesses. how do you respond to that? >> there's no demand when your product costs too much. there's no demand when you can't get your factory built on time. there's no demand when your factory is built in another country and no place to do business. the critics are right without understanding little by little, the growth of regulations under republicans and now under this democratic president are killing our competitiveness around the world and when boeing can't export, guess what, the jobs in washington that rely on on that success, that's happening in the rust belt. wooer' not exporting what we did. as a result the shop keepers and restaurants don't enjoy that. >> and tomorrow, you have specific examples? >> we ran the gam mitt from live stock individual to a snake, you know, raisor. the fact is, with american job we asked job creators to tell us what was
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stopping them, what the impediments to job creation were and we've interviewed and asked these people in a few cases to come tell their stories. tomorrow what you'll see are job creators telling stories, it's not anecdotal three or four, but go to our site and hundreds and hundreds of companies large and small, if not for this, i could create jobs. and in most cases, it's not working capital, it's not the demand, it's things that are making them less competitive. >> bret: now to operation fast and furious, your investigation there. you sent a letter to the white house, asking for william newell, the special agent in charge of the office and kevin riley north american affairs national security staff, an e-mail exchange between the two of them and i'll quote from your letter. the e-mail says, quote, when a 22-year-old kid on state financial assistance walks into a gun store and plops down $12,000 in cash to buy a
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tripod mounted 50 caliber rifle these a clue even for us that he's involved in trafficking firearms to a mexico dto. in other words, moving this to cartels. is this, do you believe, evidence that this goes all the way to the white house? >> well, it went all the way to the white house, whether it went to people who knew or should have known to stop this, remains to be seen, but our committee has been following the trail that has been impedded by the administration, particularly by the justice department and each time we get to a certain level of clearness, somebody gets fired, somebody gets changed and we keep going, well, stop throwing the little guys under the bus and tell us that somebody did something stupid by allowing this so we can be i assured it won't happen again. so we don't have that. >> bret: you have in this letter, a requested response by the 14th to make mr. o'reilly available. has there been a response yet? >> not yet. the expectation is, we want to
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be very narrow, we have copies and there was a claem that it was benign, there wasn't a lot of information exchanged. if he corroborates that, we can move on. we have lots of areas we're seeing an expanding program that fast and furious wasn't supposed to be, but appears to be. >> bret: i'll ask you about the post office before i ask you about something else. the post office set to lose a record 10 billion dollars this year. and how will -- how can you save it without bailing it out? >> ordinary business practices of right sizing the work force, even with existing pay and benefits would allow us to go from a 10 billion dollar loss to a 7, 8, 9 billion dollar profit. now, we know this is government. we know there will be impediments to us getting all the way there, but it's very clear without reducing substantially any real service to americans all over the united states, including the last island in alaska or maine. we can in fact get back to profitability. that's what we're holdings hearings on.
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holding a markup op. that's what i'm meeting with the senators on. this is a business unit that's supposed to be self-sufficient. it can be, we can't kick the cadown the road, we've borrowed money and we've got to fix this. >> bret: another topic, eight democrats on your committee written you a letter asking you to investigate the allegations of actions by the parent company of this network, news corporation, and the defunct tabloid "news of the world" allegations that the company sought to hack telephones of 9/11 victims and other u.s. citizens. where do you stand on this. >> thank you for being fair and balanced, it's hard to ask a question when it concerns your own company. this is being looked at by the justice department and this is being looked at by the senate and we're keeping an eye on it, but at the same time, this is a story that is about a unit in another country and we want to make sure that we don't enter the ground that is most inappropriate for us, which is we don't start picking on media, whether
1:28 am
they're the left or right, because we can. we're monitoring it and asking the justice department to continue doing a reasonable check, but i think that's where the line has to be drawn and each of the members that wrote that would say the same thing if it was msnbc. >> bret: last thing. american family voices, liberal advocacy group says it's going to file a complaint with the house office, congressional ethics about alleging that you have used your public office for personal gain. how do you respond to that? >> theres' 308 million americans and every single one of them has a right to file with the outside group, but the allegations they put in the press release they're going to file have shown to be less than truthful. the new york times did a piece and they've had them do four corrections so far and still haven't corrected some of the inaccuracies. i came to congress as one of the richest members of congress, with any luck i might leave still having some of that. if i cared about money, i wouldn't have come to congress. i've made a real effort every single day to make sure i stay
1:29 am
in those things that don't conflict between my private life and the public life. but, i welcome the fact if they want a hearing and an evaluation by this group, fine, i have nothing to hide. i'm sure they'll find that one of the things that was claimed was that my foundation made 1900% on an investment. well, thank you for pointing out that no, i didn't but there was an error in the report from merrill-lynch. that sort of thing i'm willing to do as part of being in the public eye. >> bret: congressman, thank you very much. please keep us up-to-date on these investigations. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: we'll tell you about a grass roots efforts, voting effort, that is, that has emphasize on the grass and
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e. >> and now, some fresh pickings from the political grapevine and president obama is blaming kiosks, automation he says is taking jobs. and well point, one of the largest health insurancers and plan to use watson's technology to help diagnose medical problems and choose treatment. a well point official insists, however, that watson is not intended to replace humans. a get out the vote effort in lansing michigan could land one woman in jail. medical marijuana dispensary
1:34 am
owner, shakina, pena allegedly gave free pot to customers who agreed to register to vote. michigan's attorney general claims penna encouraged them to vote for city council candidates who support medical marijuana laws and pena's facebook page was updated to say, quote, i stand for unity, i stand for patients, i stand for compliance, i stand for awareness, i stand for safe access and let's focus on the bigger picture here. and we told you about the candidate debate andocus on front runner, texas governor rick perry. his colleagues went oafter his stance on social security. >> governor rick perry was asailed by his republican competitors for his earlier criticisms of the program. >> governor, the term ponzi scheme scared seniors and number two, suggesting that social security should no longer be a federal program
1:35 am
and return to the states unconstitutional. >> we're frightening the american people who just want solutions and this party isn't going to win in 2012 unless we get our act together and fix the problem. >> and sharply criticized the program in an earlier debate and failed to offer assurances to be fixed and was roundly criticismed and writing a newspaper op-ed saying the program had to be saved and last night said it again. >> slam-dunk, guaranteed, that program is going to be there in place for those, those individuals that are moving towards being op social security, that program's going to be there for them when they arrive there. >> perry noted he isn't the first person to call it a ponzi scheme, which means the first people in are paid from money from newer arrivals which is roughly tree of social security. >> when they pay the social security taxes none of the money they pay into the system is set aside, saved or invested in any way. instead, it is simply used to pay benefits to people who are
1:36 am
already retired. >> but social security activists flatley reject that comparison. >> ponzi scheme, bernie madoff, charles ponzi, those are fraudulent criminal activity. >> and romney pressed the point with perry. >> do you believe it should be ended as a federal as you did six months ago with the books. >> i think we ought to have a conversation. >> we're having that now, governor. >> if you'll let me finish. >> in the end they didn't agree how to fix the program, but agreed that social security is a promise to future generations that must be kept. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> and as jim just pointed out, governor rick perry was taking shots from all sides during monday's republican candidate debate and we'll talk about it when the fox allstars join me on the other side of let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too.
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>> governor, the term ponzi
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scheme is what scared seniors, number one and number two suggesting that social security should no longer be a federal program and returned to the states unconstitutional is like-- look, a lot of bright people agree with you. i happen to disagree with you. i think that social security is an essential program that we should change the way that-- >> funding, called it a criminal. you said if people did it in the private sector, it would be called criminal. that's in your book. >> bret: one of the back and forth moments between former governor mitt romney and texas governor rick perry, after last night's candidate debate in tampa. now, gall lop has a new poll out. it's a different poll, a favorable poll. favorable opinion of potential g.o.p. candidates and there you see the rundown, rick perry topping at 24%, herman cain with big favorable, low end of recent scores and rudy
1:41 am
guiliani is not in the race, at least yet, in third. it's a different kind of poll and we thought we'd bring it to you. and join our panel. mara liasson, national political correspondent of national public radio and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. overall thoughts of the debate, winners, losers, what moved, jonah? >> i think that mitt romney was a winner mostly by default. i think that he didn't make any huge-- although i may disagree with him about social security, i think that rick perry was shockingly unprepared for the grief that he got. particularly on this vaccination question, which, has come up in texas politics before and he's seemed totally blind sided by it. i think he was completely unprepared to be booed by a tea party audience on immigration and kind of showed at least to my life, he doesn't really have a presidential strategy other than being, just simply being really awesome at being rick perry. >> bret: mara?
1:42 am
>> i also was surprised that rick perry didn't come more prepared. he was the pinata in the first debate and certainly knew he was going to get this kind of treatment in the second and would have expected him to kind of go to school and come up with better answers. i thought his response on social security was one of his better ones, actually. that being said, i do agree that mitt romney won the debate on points, but when you look back in the history of the debates, the people we think win the debates aren't necessarily the people who win the nomination and i think that rick perry is still the front runner and shown he hasn't sewn it up. he has to do something, kind of up his game, but he still has a more viceral connection with the republican primary electorate than mitt romney does. you can see that in that poll. >> bret: charles. >> and i think all of that is true, but i think if he continues to have unfortunate debates like this, i think it will eat into his lead. i mean, you want-- he does have a connection with the electorate at the
1:43 am
beginning of the republican electorate in particular. in the beginning of debate he had the loudest applause and sometimes he lost it on points and i think he's got to show that, when he gets a question, he tends to say, well on that issue, look at what i did in texas, but that's not going to be enough. you have to say and what i'm going to do as president of the united states, to try and play into a national scale. here is a policy. we haven't really heard that. even in his slightly improved defense on social security,e never outlined how he would change it or how he would amend or improve it. you would expect that would be the one area where he could actually say something and put the issue behind him. >> bret: on that issue, you mentioned jonah of the hpv vaccinations in texas, here is an exchange with congresswoman bachmann. >> i happen to think that what we were trying to do, was to clearly send the message that we're going to give moms and dads the opportunity to make that decision, with parental
1:44 am
opt out. >> to have innocent little 12-year-old girls, be forced to have a government injection through an executive order, is just flat-out wrong. >> she received big applause for that line and others like that. what about congresswoman bachma bachmann's performance, jonah? >> look, i think she's beyond the pale on this, particularly in the post debate interviews. she talks about this as if this vaccination as if it causes mental retardation, as if it's this incredibly dangerous thing and borders on the paranoid thing about the little girls being violated and the rest. >> bret: despite the appearance of victory afterwards talking about it she stepped on the progress of the debate. >> i think the consensus was formed on the right, it's an amazing issue that's electrified the serious right wing on this stuff. has been, mainly rick santorum
1:45 am
won that. that rick santorum had the only philosophically coherent position and. >> it's a controversial issue. >> i think that michele bachmann did herself some good, but not enough. i think her function right now is to help mitt romney. what he wants is for the other conservative candidates to beat up on rick perry, to convince voters he's not conservative enough or broken with republican orthodoxy on essential issues like hpv and immigration and romney would reap the benefit of that. >> we mentioned rick santorum who many mentioned he had a better night overall and a dustup with ron paul as he did in our debate in iowa. take a quick listen. >> on your website yesterday, you said that it was our actions that brought about the actions of 9/11. now, congressman paul, that is irresponsible. the idea that the whole muslim
1:46 am
world is responsible thr this and attacking us because we're free and prosperous, that's just not true. >> bret: now, at one point at that answer, charles, congressman paul was booed by a tea party crowd. >> well, that's because the rather extreme position and even logical. there's nobody who claims that the entire islamic world is responsible. the argument of the bush administration, obama administration, in pursuing terrorists is, there's a small element in islamic, but a deadly one that killed a lot of the people on 9/11 and at other times. and we have to actually, to make war on it and it's not acting because of our sins. it's acting because of a particular ideology in which it wants islamic dominance of the whole world. liao being in-- look, in the last debate ron paul argued on the fence with mexico other reasons, but on the grounds that it might be used to keep americans in.
1:47 am
now, that is simply weird. >> bret: that's it for the panel. fox news, google and the florida party will host a g.o.p. debate next thursday, and you can participa with a question, comment or a vote, go to we're getting a lot of them. up next, the
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>> companies like solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future and we can see the positive impacts right here at solyndra. less than a year ago, we were standing on what was an empty lot. lot. but through the recovery act, this company received a loan. they've expanded operations
1:51 am
and this new factory is the result of those loans. >> the department of energy was on the board of solyndra monitoring what happened. and somebody is either incompetent to realize that something was wrong, how they were spending their money or if they were competent, then they were involved with fraud and criminality. >> bret: solyndra is a solar panel company, or it was, before it declared bankruptcy. it was getting federal loan guarantees, $535 million in stimulus loan guarantees from the obama administration, even after warning scenes emerged and now there will be a hearing tomorrow on capitol hill, to look into this. aen how it got this far after the warnings. here is from bloomberg today, quote, two months before president obama's visit, accounting firm price waterhouse coopers warned that solyndra the recipient of 535 million in federal loan guarantees had financial troubles deep enough to quote, raise substantial doubts about its ability to continue as a
1:52 am
going concern. what about this? we're back with the panel. charles? >> well, there's a lot of smoke here. there's no wrongdoing shown yet, but there are a lot of oddities, this is the first loan guarantee that that went 0 ut under the stimulus, half had a billion dollars, that's a huge amount of money to anybody. and incidentally, the president said a year ago, it was an empty lot. well, in a year it's going to be an empty lot and have a half a billion dollars buried underneath irretrievably. and it was backed by one of the main contributors who raised a lot of money for the obama campaign in 2008. >> george kaiser. >> george kaiser, when the company was on the way down this year, kaiser and other investors added another 75 million into it, but i believe that in return, it got to be first in line at bankruptcy. which means, these guys will get some of their money back, and we, who pay the taxes that
1:53 am
were entirely lost in this, will get nothing. so, i think that there's a lot that's going to have to be looked into it and we're going to start hearing about it in the hearings and i think it will be a week, postponed a week because the president of the company wanted another week of preparation. but he's going to have a lot of explanation to do. >> bret: june, the month after the president visited the company, mara, solyndra canceled its ipo. and then, there was this, as charles mentioned, the effort by kaiser and others to put more money in. the doe, the department of energy, kind of refinanced its loan to push back the date of payback to give it some more breathing room and it eventually fell apart. the white house is saying in response the application first moved forward in the bush administration. >> well, it didn't. >> bret: it didn't finally get finalized until the obama administration. >> look, the question here, is this going to end up being an example of how the stimulus didn't work and there was
1:54 am
money wasted? or is it going to be something more and worse? in a kind of financial scandal of the obama administration, with i we haven't had and we've had republicans following every stimulus dollar, looking for waste and abuse because you think in a program that big it was just going to be a mess, and there were going to be scandals left and right, which there haven't been. but this, i think, is an example of now, you know, the stimulus spent money on things that didn't pay off and didn't create the jobs it was supposed to. and now, the only question, is there going to be anything worse. it couldn't come at a worse time for the president who is trying of course to get more money out of congress. >> bret: the fbi went to the company and obviously is starting an investigation and agents were at the company last week. >> yeah, and some scynics might say that's useful for the obama administration, i can't speak on this until we have a full investigation. kicking the can down the road. whether there's criminal activity, i don't know. i'm a nostalgic, over a
1:55 am
company called enron and i still don't know what george bush was supposed to have done. yet, it consumed this town, and from the from the new york times, enron more important significance than 9/11 and the white house had nothing to do with it as i understand. and meanwhile, you have this, the poster child of vast swaths of barack obama's domestic policy and bank result, at minimum it's a shining one of many examples of the failures of this entire green jobs push, of this entire new economy, clean energy push that obama staked his presidency on and i don't see why it should not be thrown in his face a great deal more than it is right now by much of the mainstream media. >> bret: the other thing that you heard the congressman talking about as this investigation moves forward, the department of energy was sitting on that board, monitoring what was happening months before this whole thing imploded and who knew what when is really the ultimate
1:56 am
question. >> yeah, i think it's a perfectly legitimate question to have. i mean, lord knows, if dick cheney and his energy committee have seats on the board of enron, they want to know what they knew an and when they knew it. >> and that's it for the panel. but stay tuned for the president's unique address to congress last week. @@
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>> finally tonight, pundits looks at a number of thing about president obama address to congress last thursday bun one had a different take. >> you know what i liked most about that speech? the awesome cut aways to uncomfortable republicans. look at those faces. it is poorly


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